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Come ponder with me

I am sitting here looking for inspiration for this week’s noticing after a weekend with two mass shootings.  There are many more eloquent than me writing amazing things about change, hope, pain, injustice and love.  All I’m wondering about is you.  How are you?  What does the reality of violence, unpredictability, deep love and kindness do to you? 

This is a time to stop and ponder. 

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40 Days of Noticing - Week Four

by Amanda Petersen


Spend some time noticing your relationship with it.  Is it flying by or creeping along?  Practice have a space where your are timeless?  What does that mean?  What are you being invited to see in regards to time?  Don't wear a watch if you regularly wear one or wear a watch if you don't.  Notice how you "spend" your time and language around time.

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