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Lost in Transition

There was a place I used to work that naturally had a dark interior. Every time I entered the building I would have to stand there for a minute and let my eyes adjust to the dimmer light.  One day I walked in and someone wanted me to read something and I let them know it would be a moment before I could see it and they responded, “Oh I get it you are lost in transition.”

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How to Deal with Difficult Situations and Not Lose Yourself.

I am in the midst of some challenges that are creating some chaos (movement) in my life.  One is the chaos that comes with creation and will be to my benefit and the other is just the chaos that can happen in life.  As I am moving through these situations I find myself saying "Wow! This practice really works!"  I thought I’d share what I am doing in the midst of these in hopes it may inspire you in a difficult situation.

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