Why learn to listen like a spiritual director?

How often have you been in a painful conversation and changed the subject because you didn’t know what else to do? When was the last time you were overwhelmed by what was happening around you and felt you were alone in it? Can you remember a time when you knew there was a different way to do life and your mind was trying to figure out what that was feeling like you’d never get the answer?

If you have been in any of these situations you also know what a gift it is to have someone you trust to talk to. The challenge is we are taught that if someone is in any kind of distress, we either retreat to fix. We want the pain to go away. Right now, in our world there are many painful moments for a lot of people. My heart goes out to all of us as we either bury or explode around our frustration with events around us.

What if you had someone who could witness your frustration, pain, or new idea and hold it with you? What if instead of fixing or shutting down they companioned with you so you could connect to your inner life (God, Divine, Source etc.)? Reframing your life as one lived not at the mercy of circumstances, but one lived knowing that the love and wisdom within you is with you every step of the way. What if that person could be you?

To listen in this way is the heart of spiritual direction. This type of listening presence is not innate, it must be practiced. I believe we need more of these types of listeners in the world. This isn’t about becoming a spiritual director as much a becoming a person that can hold space for others to remember their inner soul, share their reality and be witnessed.

If you would like to be that person in a world of people looking for a safe place, Pathways of Grace is forming a new cohort for the next spiritual direction program, Explore and Connect to God February 16th. If you want to be that person who can enter into the difficult conversations in life and really engage and care without fixing, shutting down or judging let me know. Pathways of Grace will be forming another deep listening course without the spiritual component.

If you are someone in need of that safe space to be heard please check out the amazing people we have at Pathways of Grace.

May your week be filled with opportunities of grace.