Amanda has been attracted to Feng Shui for many years. As she has worked as a spiritual director and coach she witnessed how amazing inner change would happen and yet individuals would be stuck in their environment. Their lives would feel incongruent.

Feng Shui is the Chinese are of placement. Through that placement one sees how the space that surrounds us has an energy that works with our inner life. If one experiences inner change it is also important to look at change in environment and also changing one’s environment and becoming more intentional with one’s surrounding supports inner transformation and growth.

Every consult is unique and personal to your circumstance. You are totally in control of the entire experience. If you are ready to see your personal or business space as a place of support and encouragement, then you will benefit from Feng Shui.

Basic Consultation $150

This is perfect for those who are curious about Feng Shui, have a specific issue or want to get an over feel for the flow and energy of their home. Amanda will come and walk through the home or area you are interested and discuss options and ideas to create the best energy flow for your home. This appointment lasts about 1.5 hours.

Extended Consultation $350

This appointment includes a 1.5 hour consultation, plus a written report and a follow up contact.