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What is Body Nourishment?

Body nourishment at Pathways of Grace is for you if you:

  • Are ready to explore natural approaches for managing chronic disease and pain

  • Feel frustrated by your doctor not having time to truly understand your concerns

  • Are curious about how to translate your body’s symptoms into actionable goals

  • Are ready to change how you eat, but don’t know where to start

  • Are Interested in learning about how food impacts your health

  • Are ready to take your health and wellness to the next level

How we support you:

  • Listen to thoroughly understand your big picture health experience

  • Consider all of your symptoms (even ones that you may not think are important) to assess you as a whole and discover the root cause

  • Educate you on how your body uses symptoms to communicate imbalances

  • Teach you how to listen to your body  

  • Create a step-by-step plan to help you design your new lifestyle  

  • Provide support and accountability as you build new habits and transition your health

Kim de Beus, MA, CSD, is passionate about the inner life and practices for the journey; mindfulness, meditation and soul and self care.  Kim offers spiritual direction, Reiki, inner journey listening, and discernment assistance as you explore and discover what God is up to in your life.


Tarrin McDonald is a teacher, facilitator, certified spiritual director, and desert wild woman.

She inquires deeply into her own wild and wonderous nature, confronting layer after layer of shadow to meet her Soul face to face. She is a woman drawn to the internal life who feels the pull of an unspoken unseen current, contemplates myth and story and mystery, and creates space for all forms of Self to manifest. Her passion is to create and hold space for women as they journey together from unconscious living to fully embodied Wise Wild Women, nurturing themselves and tending to Soul-work in the

In addition to journeying with women in one on one spiritual direction sessions, Tarrin can be found studying the work of Jungian Analysts, pursuing her MA and PhD in Depth Psychology, facilitating women’s moon gatherings, learning from the wise women in her life, and wandering the desert, marveling.


Rhonda Vroman is a RYT and Amrit certified teacher, has been practicing Centering Prayer, a form of meditation with intention, for 20 years. Her curiosity for practices that help still the mind have led to exploration and additional training, and are an essential part of her path to deepening spirituality.

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