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Grief support at Pathways of Grace is for you if you:  

  • Are ready to heal from past grief

  • Have lost a spouse, job, family member, home or pet

  • Think you’re fine, but sometimes notice that grief may be holding you back from inner joy

  • Have lost your faith and are discouraged with life

  • Are suffering from a broken heart

  • Are experiencing grief due to a death, divorce or other major loss

  • Are tired of feeling held down and held back by the pain in your life

  • Want feel better and move forward from the pain in your life

Mind-body-spirit connection support at Pathways of Grace is for you If you:

  • Are plagued with anxiety and depression

  • Experience chronic pain and are seeking relief

  • Feel tired all the time

  • Long for healthy changes, but aren’t sure how to make them

  • Long for connection and community

How we support you in your grief recovery:

  • We provide a safe environment for you to address unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain

  • We offer emotional support through the process, not cold intellectual platitudes

  • We allow you to choose either an 8-week group format or a 7-week one-on-one format, depending on your preference and availability

  • We provide you with a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, experienced in helping people regain their lives by processing over 40 different types of loss.

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