Kim Evans


One of the first things you notice when you meet Kim is that she exudes a sense of deep wisdom and peaceful authority.

Her own internal harmony is the culmination of a lifetime of careful attention to her own life experiences and struggles, to the challenges of being highly successful in corporate cultures, and to intensive training in leading-edge body/mind therapies. While it may sound like these are disparate elements, Kim has seamlessly woven them together to create her unique approach to help others achieve their greatest potential at Your Wings.

An essential aspect of Kim is her commitment to help people and businesses achieve transformational change that leads to lucrative results for them. It began in her earliest years in corporate settings where the hallmark of her work was bypassing the tried-and-true to pioneer new solutions in business. She originated new partnerships to fund Santa Barbara’s largest social service agency. Kim increased capital support by an astounding 865% for King County, Washington’s Family Services. And, she implemented the successful start-up of Washington State’s National Park Fund that filled the gap between the parks needs and available funding.

So, it’s no wonder her evolution out of the public sector and into her own private practice would be founded on this rich history of visionary solutions to help create transformational change. Add to that her certification as a Rubenfeld Synergy Method Synergist (a system for the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit). Plus, her expertise in and use of the leading-edge application of neurofeedback.

This layering and integration of innovative business development, mind-body work, and the science of biofeedback distinguish her work – and her results. Whether it’s Executive Consulting or individual Success Coaching it’s apparent that her approach to business consulting is informed by her skills as a therapist and her Success Coaching for individuals is informed by her proven ability to accelerate outcomes.

Working with Kim at Your Wings is an opportunity to bypass limiting beliefs, to achieve the greatest potential, and to soar into a new future.


Kim's Upcoming Sessions


Upcoming Sessions

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