Catching the Vision

I have always been a deeply spiritual person. The natural way to take my passion into the workplace was to become a minister. However, with time in ministry I found this didn’t fully resonate with my soul.

Being a minister made sense as a social norm, but it wasn’t who I was.

Have you ever taken a path in life that seemed right at the time, only to find it didn’t fit with your identity?

The gift of ministry allowed me to walk with others who were looking to find a safe place to question and explore ideas outside the norm. I found I could give others the space to express doubts and new beliefs without the fear of being labeled a heretic or not being accepted.

I had been given this space by spiritual directors throughout my life and knew my life’s purpose was to provide that for others.

By deeply listening to my life and risking a transition outside of societal norms, my purpose became clear: to create a safe place for others to deeply listen, explore and express their own life’s calling.

Does the next step in your life feel risky?


Living the Vision

My life’s purpose is to create safe space for those of all faiths to think outside of their tradition, connect and tap into their inner voice. In doing so, they can shift from being told what to believe to discovering who they are and their own belief systems without fear.

I claimed my path and moved from traditional ministry to full-time spiritual direction. This was a deep leap of faith that took risk and sacrifice. I sold everything I had, moved into a tiny studio and began my spiritual direction practice.

Did a transition in your life ever require you to leave other things behind?

This was the beginning of my effort to create a safe space where people could learn to listen to their inner voice and shift into a life of freedom beyond their wildest dreams.


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Claiming the Vision

Challenges that shape the vision

At first, the transition felt like jumping off of a cliff. I didn’t have a roadmap and felt unproductive. That challenged my societal values and forced me to ask the questions, “Do I want to live within societal norms or do I want to take this entrepreneurial journey? Do I want to be secure or do I want to follow my faith and inner compass?”

Asking these questions dismantled everything I had been in the past. By embracing the journey, I learned to be comfortable living in the unknown and experiencing the pain of sacrifice. This allowed me to live authentically and meet my inner calling. My new journey was one that included  living with an open heart, trusting my inner self and embracing my own vulnerability.

Do you ever question how you’re living your life?

Practices that shape the vision

Through this journey, I learned:

  • That my value was more than just what I did.
  • To sit in the unknown.
  • To trust a journey bigger than myself.
  • To realize I was a co-creator of my life and had a choice in every moment to keep my “why” in front of me.

These realizations granted me the inner freedom to succeed or fail and not look at challenges as the end of the road. They taught me the real meaning of grace. Grace gave me the freedom to keep exploring, which allowed me to create a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Are you looking for inner peace no matter what your life circumstance is?



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Being the Vision

Pathways of Grace embodies the unconditional love you experience when living beyond fear of judgement and knowing that love will never leave you. It is a safe place.

Grace is recognizing the inner freedom to live beyond the destination; grace is embracing every part of the journey in order to become who you were meant to be. This allows you to show up in life, create a life of gratitude, and be a positive force for others.
— Amanda Petersen

Everyone has their own pathway of grace. Today, Pathways of Grace creates a safe place for those who want to live from their inner values and spirit. I serve those who want to intentionally live their inner life outward through:

  • Individual Spiritual Direction

  • Soul Centered Coaching

  • Feng Shui

  • Trainings in Deep Listening

  • Small Groups that provide safety for exploration

My passion is to create a safe and loving space for you to spend time with your soul and your life so you are congruent with who you are in the world and are able to give the gift of yourself wholly and freely to those around you.

Being the Vision.jpg