Added Support


Amanda Petersen


Every person needs added support. If you are seeking community, here are a group of professionals I recommend you connect with.

“Grace is recognizing the inner freedom to live beyond the destination; grace is embracing every part of the journey in order to become who you were meant to be. This allows you to show up in life, create a life of gratitude, and be a positive force for others.”



Debra Brunk, MS, PhD, CNS

Health Detective,
Educator, Yogini

Kim de Beus

Spiritual Companion

Cynthia James

Lee Mudro



Carmen Payne

Personal & Professional Development Coach


Gina Pollard

Grief Support


Selina Schuh

Relationship Educator


Rhonda Vroman Alexander

Energy Coach



Additional Resources

Gift Cards

Gift Cards may be used for individual offerings like spiritual direction and life coaching or for group sessions and workshops. The average cost for an hour of spiritual direction is $50. Gift Cards can be printed or emailed to yourself or a friend!


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