The Community of Professionals at Pathways of Grace
are Here to Support You Fully; Mind, Body and Spirit.

Pathways of Grace Community


Amanda Petersen


Everyone has their own pathway of grace. We understand that growth is a journey and not an overnight quick fix. We provide an array of services that uniquely support you and your continued expansion.

“Grace is recognizing the inner freedom to live beyond the destination; grace is embracing every part of the journey in order to become who you were meant to be. This allows you to show up in life, create a life of gratitude, and be a positive force for others.”



Debra Brunk, MS, PhD, CNS

Health Detective, Educator, Yogini

Kim de Beus

Spiritual Companion

Cynthia James

Tarrin McDonald


Lee Mudro


Carmen Payne

Personal & Professional Development Coach

Gina Pollard

Selina Schuh

Relationship Educator


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