Rhonda Vroman Alexander


Spiritual Direction
‘Be still and know that I…am God’ continues to beckon me back to the seat of listening and being present to the Presence.  It is an honor to be part of the spiritual practice that helps others uncover their God essence, their True Self.   As you are held in a space of deep listening through spiritual direction, you can relax into the brilliant light that you already are while discerning what is there, waiting to be seen, to be unearthed and embraced.
Spiritual Direction is part of the practice offered; my approach is to meet you where you are, recognizing we show up different each time. You may be ‘ready to go’ or perhaps guided breath with relaxation is helpful to come into a bit of stillness and Presence.  I offer a tranquil presence during Spiritual Direction, Integrative Wellness Coaching,  and Yoga Nidra (a sleep & conscious based guided meditation that is deeply connecting and restorative),  all refined through yogic training.  This is all supported by the intention of cultivatingpeace, moment by moment.

My Spiritual Direction journey began over 20 years ago during a time of increasing awareness of the importance of having a guide to help see God/Source/Higher Power within my life path.  I am an ongoing student of spiritual practices, including those of the yogic tradition, that encourage peace, connection and transformation, and offer these practices in various modalities.

My formal training includes Deep Listening through Pathways, Integrative Coaching through Integrative Wellness, Amrit Yoga Nidra through Kamani Desia, Yoga Training through Inner Vision, various workshops and an MBA and BS (Agricultural Engineering) from Arizona State University.  

I welcome the opportunity to explore with you if these offerings are fit with your needs.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is an ancient, sleep & consciousness based guided meditation practice. It has the power to take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation and awareness. In this place, you can experience deep rest and restoration, moving towards the full essence of you.

Many who regularly practice meditation describe Yoga Nidra as a way to go deeper faster.  Yoga Nidra can take you to the experience of that pristine state where you can rest in an effortless state of being.

Yoga nidra meditation can also help treat a range of symptoms, from insomnia to anxiety, physical pain and depression.

During a 55 minute session, you will start with gentle movement and breath work, and then move to comfortable position, laying down or seated. Props are provided to allow you to feel fully supported and so your body can rest comfortably. The Yoga Nidra then begins, followed by a short debrief of your experience.

Rhonda's Upcoming Sessions

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