Sara Regester

I have been an RN for over 30 years and I have studied Shamanisma form of indigenous healing, since 2002. I use a very integrated approach to create lifestyle transformation that supports the whole person, mind-body-and spirit. You need the western medicine model for diagnosis, tests and medications as a bridge to the real healing that comes from a multi-pronged approach so you can evolve through your physical experiences to create a new lifestyle that is aligned with your bigger Vision.

We feel stress when something we care about is at stake. Stress is linked to our meaning and purpose. I don’t teach how to reduce your stress, I teach techniques to create stress resilience so you can align with a busy life without wiping yourself out.

Creating a stress resilient lifestyle is the key to turning a stressful lifestyle into a successful lifestyle. So you can prioritize what fuels your energy, restores your health, improves your relationships and gets you out of burnout in your career.