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Thean Evening Prayer

Join Rev. M. Kate Allen at 5:00 pm on the first Saturday evening of each month for Thean Evening Prayer, a prayer experience designed to facilitate a warm, safe, intimate encounter with the Divine Feminine. Patterned after Christian evening prayer, the texts include psalms rewritten in the voice of women with feminine names, titles and pronouns for God(dess). All who self-identify as women are welcome. Prayer will be followed by a light potluck supper—all are invited to bring a bite to share. Space is limited to twenty people, so all are urged to register in advance via Meetup.

Rev. M. Kate Allen

M. Kate Allen is a Thean priest and spiritual director with a Master’s degree in liturgy from St. John’s School of Theology Seminary. In addition to leading a house church, Kate’s priestly ministry involves developing and utilizing prayers, liturgical texts, and music addressed to the Divine Feminine; the majority of these texts are written explicitly in the voice of women. She fosters a strong commitment to social justice, especially around issues of feminism, racism, LGBTQ concerns, and poverty. She has taught/led numerous graduate courses, retreats, workshops, and spiritual formation classes around the themes of liturgy, liturgical history, and liturgical spirituality.

Having founded Theanism and been formed in the Benedictine, Ignatian, and Franciscan Christian traditions as well as Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, and Buddhist prayer practices, Kate believes that every faith path can lead us to the Author of our deepest yearnings, if we are willing to risk vulnerability and openness in our spiritual journey.

In addition to her thealogical pursuits, Kate is the author of a novel called Memory Stands Still, a collection of thealogical short stories and poems called Life. Love. Liturgy., and numerous other published short stories and poems. She and her husband coach a softball team in Tempe and have immense fun rearing their two small, lively daughters. You can read Kate’s blog, Thealogical Lady.