If you are ready to live a life of authenticity these coaching packages are for you.

A Personal Retreat Day: If you have questions about where to even start this will help you get your grounding. Through a series of reflective questions you will leave with a better understanding of what is important to you, what your why is and how best to take next steps. This is a 4 hour time in one day and is $397.

3 Month Package: If you are ready to not only see change but also integrate it into your life this package is for you. This will be a personalized program for your unique needs. This includes all materials, 2 hours of coaching per month, internet and phone support. The cost is $797 for the 3 months (monthly payment plans available).

Inside/Out Package: This is for you if you would like to include your home or business environment in the process.  You will first get a better understanding of how you wish to be in the world and then we will work to make sure your surroundings support your vision. The cost is $1297 and includes 3 months of Soul Centered Coaching and an in depth Feng Shui consultation of your home or business.(see side bar for more details).

Individual Session: This is a great way to follow up with periodical check ins after the 3 month package or if you are curious about Soul Centered Coaching. These individual sessions are $150 per hour. 

Soul Centered Coaching allows you to create a life aligned with your values regardless of life circumstances.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Create rhythm and intentionality to your life

  • Learn how to face situations and people that challenge your sense of values in a way that leads to inner and out connection

  • Take the wisdom you have gained over the years and synthesize it in a way that makes sense for your life

  • Have support as you move through life

  • Become empowered to live the life you feel called to live

  • Create momentum around your life, whether that is a business, your family, a project etc.

  • Understand yourself better and be able to connect with others

  • Learn how to make decisions that align with your values

  • Find the confidence and freedom to live your authentic life

How I support you:

  • Providing a safe environment

  • I offer the flexibility to choose path that works best for your needs.

  • By giving you a frame work for your core values.

  • Shining a light on areas that may be holding you back.

  • Providing a soul centered approach that points back to what your “Big Picture” might be for starting this process.

  • Offering a personal touch while serving your unique needs. I do not have a pre packaged agenda. We will create a vision that works for you.

I’ve been working with Amanda over the last 6 months to identify the thoughts and beliefs that keep me stuck and unconsciously reliving the same cycles over and over. Amanda is also helping me to identify my core values - as I’ve spent much of my life ignoring my internal compass and responding to external drivers. I feel that I’ve made tremendous progress by having someone both partnering with and guiding me on this journey. Amanda is a wonderful listener - so I feel heard. But Amanda doesn’t just listen. She’s engaged in the journey and will provide her assessment of what she’s hearing, rather than hoping I’ll figure it all out for myself. Our time together is more of a conversation rather than me talking all the time. Amanda provides a safe space to explore these vulnerable aspects of myself, and she acts as a loving ‘third party’ in the ongoing (usually negative) dialogues I have with myself. Amanda has met me where I’m at - and there’s never been any pressure to make changes or do things on a certain schedule. Finally, I learn and synthesize through reading. Amanda is extremely well-read, and the books that she has recommended I read have expanded my universe and have helped me to better understand how I want to show up in the world.