Supportive Packages for Your Unique Journey

Change, transition and inner growth can feel overwhelming and confusing.  It is easy to isolate or reach out for anything just help life feel more stable.  

Ever wish you had a team of caring supportive and knowledgeable people to surround you and help you find your unique way in the midst of all the uncertainty?

For those who are in a time of change and having trouble getting a sense of how to be or what to do with all the changes, we have 3 packages to support you.  

These uniquely tailored packages are:

A Bounce Back Package: This is for you if you have experienced a change that involves a loss or ending.  This could be a person, a job, a sense of identity, etc.

A New Growth Package: This is for you if you find that life as you have known it no longer works.  This could be in the area of your relationships, spirituality/faith life, career, etc.

A Sampler Package: This is for you if you are looking to try something new yet not quite sure where to begin. You love to learn and grow.

Each package is 6 weeks and during that time 3 practitioners will support you as you listen within and gain more grounding with the changes in your life. You will not have to go through this change alone, we will have your back as you find your way.

With all three you get:

1 hour session to determine the best plan for you
4 hours of coaching,
4 hours of a specialty that fits your spirit, and
6 hours of a practice that will support your body.
Ongoing support and communication from all the practitioners supporting you.
1 hour session to determine next steps at the end of the 6 weeks.

With each of these packages you will be personally supported in your journey and will find yourself feeling more grounded and empowered to face whatever season of life you are in.

Cost for the custom 6 week package: $1195

If you are interested in one of these packages please contact Amanda at to receive more information.

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