Tarrin McDonald


Tarrin is an intuitive guide holding space for transformation and wholeness, helping you live a deeper, more meaningful life. Trained in Depth Psychology, Celtic Shamanism, Usui Reiki, and the Art of Deep Listening, Tarrin opens space for you to discover and explore the depths of your most authentic Self, finding meaning and purpose to live a more Soul-filled life.


Intuitive Soul Sessions: Intuitive Soul Sessions create a container for psychological, emotional, and physical healing. Each session is tailored for your unique needs and may include Reiki energy work, Tarot and Oracle consultation, guided visual imagery and meditation, or a combination of all modalities. You will always be deeply heard and seen. You are accepted as you are. Together we will release what needs to be released and invite what needs to be invited in order for you to show up as your most authentic self in the world. (60-90 min)

Intuitive Soul Sessions are for you if:

  • You want to release old habits and patterns that are no longer serving your best interest

  • You want to be deeply heard, seen, and witnessed in your struggle

  • You want to change but don't know how or what

  • You are in the midst of transition and transformation and need support and encouragement

Through this process you will:

  • Be deeply seen and heard

  • Show up fully as you are in an accepting and inclusive space of healing

  • Gain tools and resources that help you clarify, understand, and expand

  • Move through transition, loss, and transformation from a place of support and love

Classes and Individual Work I do:

  • Intuitive Soul Sessions

  • Reiki Healing

  • Tarot + Oracle Consultation

  • Guided visual meditation journeys

  • Spiritual Direction

Reiki (distance or in person): Reiki is a healing modality that utilizes energy, intention, and gentle touch to help the physical and subtle (energetic) bodies release unhealthy patterns and trauma while healing and aligning. People often feel clearer, more at peace, and physically healthier after a Reiki session. (60 min)

Spiritual Direction: If you're feeling lost, unsure, discouraged, insecure, or just a little off, like your life is not what you thought it would be or you're confused about where you've ended up, Spiritual Direction is your space. Together we create a container for your whole Self to show up. I will hold space for all your emotions, questions, and curiosities as we work together to find clarity, allowing Spirit to guide.

Tarot + Oracle Consultation: When you're feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed, scattered, or indecisive, a Tarot/Oracle Consultation can help you find clarity. The cards act as a mirror, holding up that which you may be overlooking, offering suggestions and possible outcomes for you to consider. You gain insight through conversation, walking away with a better sense of direction and purpose. (60 min)

Tarrin's Upcoming Sessions

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