Pathways of Grace is a beautiful open-door environment for personal and spiritual growth located in the city of Phoenix. I have been fortunate enough to avail myself of the services Amanda offers as a counselor and Coach. It is not often you find a leader with this breadth of experience. This is truly an oasis of fresh and wonderful ideas that resonate with individuals for today’s often confusing and busy life styles.

I enjoy the focus on transitional phases of life and the sharing of new methods of coping or understanding change As a force of positive transformation and edification for a wide variety of people, the course offerings are varied and many. I particularly recommend her sampler night as a way to experience several of her programs, as well as seeing the scope of the professionals she shares with her public.

You are in for an adventure of the mind, no matter what you select at this vibrant community of professionals. Our communities need more business leaders like Amanda. She focuses on service , compassion, and a life long focus on making people’s lives better!
— Layne Kizler
I have had the honor of having Amanda journey with me. Unlike counseling, a spiritual director is one who walks on the path with you checking in with the question, “Do you see God in that?” or “ How is the journey?” Also spiritual practices are taught to help the spirit quiet to listen for God’s voice. For anyone who would like to intentionally listen and deepen their faith, spiritual direction is a wonderful resource. Pathways of Grace offers spiritual direction and many other classes and workshops which seek to support people in their journeys.
— Judi
Responding to the warm recommendation of a friend, I started spiritual direction at Pathways of Grace as I entered a lengthy season of discernment. The mix of deep listening, keen questioning and spiritual companionship has been sustaining bread for the journey.
— Anonymous