Explore And Connect With God with Amanda Petersen

• Do you work in a helping profession and feel ready to connect on a deeper level with those you serve?
• Do you find yourself in deep spiritual conversations during your normal navigation through life?
• Are you the person people turn to to discuss their faith questions or transitions?
• Are you ready to own your gifts and empower others through spiritual direction?
• Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I knew how to be present with this person without trying to fix them?”

Explore and Connect with God is a course designed to help you claim your soul’s healing purpose and harness your inner listening skills - so you can be a safe space for others to heal and discover their inner life.


This Series is for spiritual directors looking to renew and refresh their practice. Each topic will look at issue that may come up in your practice. The time will be divided between exploration of the topic, its effect on your practice and practicum. You may attend one or the entire series. Space is limited to 8 participants.