Soul-Centered Phoenix Life Coaching
to Guide You Back to You


As a soul-centered Phoenix life coach, I partner with you to rise through your stuck spots and into your truth. Get tools and support to forge your own path through challenging life transitions so you can experience lasting fulfillment from the inside out.

  • Are you going through a faith crisis, an illness, a new career or relationship status, or the loss of a loved one?

  • Do you sense the life you’ve been leading is no longer serving you?

  • Do you feel alone in your challenges but hesitate to reach out for help?

  • Are you a business owner or in a leadership role, struggling to fit the mold of what a leader “should” be?

  • Do you know that you want to make a change, but you’re not sure where to start—or where to go next?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, welcome home! My mission is to give you a safe space to navigate your messy, beautiful path of transformation with grace, authenticity, and love.

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Who can benefit from soul-centered life coaching?

  • Spiritually-oriented thinkers who want practical tools to apply what they already know—while stepping into new levels of fulfillment

  • People of all walks of life who are looking to align more deeply with their core values and beliefs

  • Spiritual misfits who are seeking a community where they can show up as their full, true selves

  • Professionals who are craving a more collaborative approach to living and working

  • Leaders and entrepreneurs who want to shift from burnout to lasting career satisfaction


What can you expect as a client?


I hold space for you to become the fullest version of yourself. My intention is for you to leave every session with a deeper connection to Spirit, a clearer, empowered perspective on your soul purpose, and more momentum towards the life you’re called to live.

  • You can expect me to fully honor your unique journey as a partner in your fulfillment

  • You can expect to feel more grounded in your ability to make conscious decisions in your life

  • You can expect more freedom from limiting beliefs and draining internal dialogue

  • You can expect to feel anchored in your authentic self amidst the chaos of change


Amanda Petersen


My passion is to create a safe space where each person can listen deeply to the wisdom within themselves. Learning to know and trust that inner wisdom can be challenging, as so many other voices can claim authority over us. As life continually unfolds, it is so important to have trusted companions to walk alongside us.

I bring my experience as a spiritual director, soul centered life coach, pastor, hospice chaplain, feng shui practitioner, writer and artist together to support your unique pathway in life and bring the freedom of a grace-filled life.



I have had the honor of having Amanda journey with me. Unlike counseling, a spiritual director is one who walks on the path with you checking in with the question, “Do you see God in that?” or “ How is the journey?” Also spiritual practices are taught to help the spirit quiet to listen for God’s voice. For anyone who would like to intentionally listen and deepen their faith, spiritual direction is a wonderful resource. Pathways of Grace offers spiritual direction and many other classes and workshops which seek to support people in their journeys.
— Judi
Coming to Pathways of Grace for spiritual direction relieves a lot of pressure and stress and solves the internal work of figuring my life transition out. It has provided me a path that allows me to say, “This is normal. This is not something that’s wrong. I can have doubts and be in flux and still be effective and faithful at what I do.
— DP
Really, it helped to validate a deeper awareness that I felt I was not allowed to work out in public, in a position like mine. It opened up a new realm of support and validation, reassuring me that this was not actually a crisis of faith, but a normal transition. It helped bring a lot of my deeper intuitions up to the surface. Moving from ‘something is terribly wrong here’ to ‘something is really right here’ showed that there was something deeper and more unifying in the approach. It changed my perspective.
— DP