Beginning Kundalini Yoga with Debra Brunk

Kundalini yoga is a technology that combines Breath, Movement, Sound, and Meditation to support the physical, mental and spiritual living. This form of yoga is also known as “householder” yoga. It was developed thousands of years ago for the “working person” instead of the professional yogi. Exercises are combined to create and move energy to specific targets throughout the body. You will feel different after your first Kundalini yoga experience.


Yoga Basics with Rhonda Vroman

Learn the basics, for the first time or again, with people in a similar place. Each class will explore a gentle yoga flow where you will be encouraged to listen to your body to make adjustments that help release energy that has become stagnant. All props are provided. Options will be offered to meet you wherever you are at and suggestions for taking the practice within you. This is perfect for people with little to no yoga experience or those seeking to return to the basics.


Be: Timeout for Even Being with Rhonda Vroman

Do you need a mind/body/soul tune up? Some time to simply be? Then this 75 minute experience is for you! You will have a place to unwind, release, and leave restored. This time will include: Guided breath, Supported release of body tension, and Deeply restorative guided meditation.

Designed to release blocked energy, gently stretch muscles, and then drop into a deeply restorative sleep-based meditation (aka Yoga Nidra) where you can rest in an effortless state of being.